Appointment Example

Blac Chyna
Sales Director of ABC Company
123 Anywhere Road
Joslin, CA 91258

Kylie Jenner
CEO of Kylie Cosmetics
NYC, USA 15477

November 09, 2016

Dear Ms. Kylie Jenner,

I am the sales director of ABC Company. I briefly met you at the WorldWide Conference this last April. Ariana Seift, one of our sales team representatives, is going to be in the NYC area between December 12– December 15 and is interested in briefly meeting with you on any one of those particular days for about 45 minutes sometime between 10am – 1pm.

Ariana has performed extensive research regarding your company and thinks she’s come up with a mutually beneficial proposition for both our businesses that she is eager to discuss with you.

Would it be possible for you, or a person you delegate, to meet Ariana Seift on one of the suggested days? I will contact you in a couple of days in order to answer any of your questions and to possibly arrange this brief appointment.


(Blac Chyna)


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