How to write a great CV

  • Personal summary  : Use this section to sum up ur education, work history and aims in a couple sentences.
  • Main achievements : Make a bullet point list of the main things you have achieved at school and in work. Include dates and company name.
  • Skills : List your personal, technical and specialist skills plus examples.
  • Work experience : Include job tittle, company, dates from – to and list what you did plus ur responsibilities.
  • Education: List all your qualificatons.
  • Interests : Steer clear of talking about your social life and stick to hobbies.
  • References : Make sure you have contact details.

Cover Letter

Nur Amalina | Pondok Kelapa | Duren Sawit, 13450 | (+62)85777715*** |

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Mrs Sarah
Accounting Consultan

Dear Mrs Sarah,

As a highly motivated and dedicated student with strong communication and interpersonal skills, I would like to apply for the position of Accounting Assistant.

As a student I have been extensively involved in my school community, which has allowed me to develop strong interpersonal skills. My involvement in various events, has allowed me to work closely with my peers while supporting the school community as a whole.

These experiences have allowed me to develop strong time management and organisational skills, which I see as being very important when seeking to work in casual employment while continuing to study.

Personal attributes that I believe make me suitable for this position include:

  • Motivation:Volunteer participation and school results demonstrate high motivation.
  • Customer Service:Assisting with the sale of products at community events has allowed the development of customer service skills.


My teachers and educators have commended me for my willingness to participate and my dedication to helping out where possible. I enjoy working with others and believe that my strong communication skills will ensure that I can meet the expectations of this role.

I am aware that you will receive a large number of applications for this job, but I would very much appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities to you in person.

I believe that I have a lot to offer your organisation. I am keen to develop my professional skills and look forward to discussing my application with you at an interview. I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your consideration. I can be contacted at all times on the details provided above.

Thanking you in advance for your time,

Nur Amalina

How to write a CL

  • Paragraph 1: The introduction

This is the easy part. Address whoever is receiving the letter, then introduce yourself and the role you’re applying for. They’ll want to know who you are and why you’re writing.

  • Paragraph 2: The “pitch”

This is where you get to really sell yourself. First of all, let them know why you want to work for them. Don’t just say “I need a job”: show them you care about what they do. If you’re a fan of one their products, let them know. Or maybe you’re after a challenge? Write that down, too!

  • Paragraph 3: The sign off

Alright, you’re almost done. But like any polite conversation you can’t just up and leave without saying goodbye. Thank the reader for their time, let them know you’re looking forward to hearing from them, and sign off with a nice “Your sincerely”.

  • Check, check and check again

And you’re done! Well, almost…

After all that hard work, you want your effort to pay off. Spelling errors, typos and other silly mistakes are the best way to get your application filed under B for Bin. So while knowing what to write in a cover letter is crucial, remembering to give it a thorough read-through at the end is really important too.

  • Sending it off

Now you’re ready to submit your application!

  • And finally…

Remember, try not to use the same letter for different job applications. Take the time to write a cover letter that is unique to the job you’re applying for and you’ll be surprised by the results.

About me

My name is Nur Amalina, and I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience.  I enjoy reading, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my teaching skills and presentation abilities. I have been successful at raising a friendship, and I attribute this success to my ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once. This flexibility will help me in the classroom, where there are many different personalities and learning styles.


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